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Garlic, Peas, and DIY Seed Tape

March 25, 2012

Well…  The garden is starting to grow again.  We have many Egyptian onions (perennial) coming up all around the place (maybe even some to spare), the over wintered parsley is growing again, as is the over wintered spinach and the garlic that we planted last fall.  The currant bushes are leafing out and the cherry trees look like the will burst at the next sign of warmth (whenever that returns).  The apples, pear, and cherry trees have all been pruned for the season and we are thinking of even adding a hardy peach tree to our roster!

The garlic plants are rearing their heads... or tails? I guess the heads are underground!

The peas have also been planted with the hopes that they will grow well from here on out.  I have to admit that I dug around one of them the other day and found that there was about an inch of root on one of the peas.  I am hopeful that these will do well and we won’t have to replant this section.

Peas hiding under a layer of soil and metal lath (take that squirrels and neighbourhood cats!)

Lastly, I thought this year that I would give some DIY seed tape a try for carrots and early white turnips.  I decided to go with toilet paper (for its ease in breakdown) along with a flour and water mix for my glue.  I will see how this goes this year.  I have seen people do this before on various blogs.  Some cover with vermiculite, sifted soil, wet burlap, and a variety of things.  I am hoping that the germination of the carrots goes well, but I am sure that the turnips will do well.

Nantes, Purple Dragon, and Atlas Globe Carrots
Hakurei and White Lady Hybrid Turnips


Lastly, on the go in the basement under lights I currently have Super Chili, Aji Dulce, and Trinidade Perfume Hot Peppers growing.  As well, I have Gypsy Sweet Hybrid Peppers.  As mentioned before, I have kale (White Russian, Dinosaur, Rainbow Lacinato), Couve Tronchuda, and Rainbow Chard.  Oh, and the Romaine is there too, although is it looking leggy, but maybe that’s just Romaine’s growth habit!

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