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Hot Pepper Update (How long has it been?)

February 23, 2012

I haven’t really updated this blog for quite some time it seems.  I guess the summer just took over and I didn’t really update!  For anyone that subscribed and might get this update, here are a couple of pictures of some of those Scotch Bonnet or Habanero peppers that I started last year in the paper pots.  I dug 4 of them to over-winter and all of them have survived unscathed.

I am looking forward to planting these out in the garden again this year and seeing how they perform in their second year.  I have been told that peppers will do much better in their second year if you over-winter them.  The idea is that the first year they produce their structure and a couple of peppers, and in the second year, with the structure being built, they can focus on fruit production.

Below are two of the four plants.  The other two are in a window at work and are actually producing some fruit.  The fruit is small, but there are about 10 peppers or so.  It will be interesting to compare those to these ones that are not fruiting now once I plant them out this summer.


This one is rather compact and lush. Might be a different variety than the one below. It never fruited last summer, so I have no frame of reference.


A little branched out, but still healthy. Should be interesting this year in the garden!

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